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The All Surface Waterproof System is a tough and flexible resin and fiberglass application used for existing and new construction surfaces including walkways, stairways, courtyards, and sun decks.

This completely waterproof process is fully-warranted and provides a textured finish that is long lasting and attractive.

Five Step Installation

1. Deck surface is prepared by repairing seams and imperfections.
2. Fiberglass mesh is applied providing strength and flexibility to the surface.
3. Base coat acrylic resin is applied providing the main waterproof barrier and a firm bond.
4. Texture resin is sprayed or rolled on providing a  beautiful protective finish.
5. Final color coat resin is applied to complete the installation.


The All Surface Waterproof consists of a series of liquid-applied acrylic resins, reinforced with a multi-directional fiberglass mesh, allowing the system to expand and contract with temperature changes without cracking. 

The texture and color are an integral part of the resin so that no peeling or separation occurs.

This system is fast drying, resulting in a minimum of downtime to tenants and other trades.


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